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Dagur Logi Ingimarsson (or simply “Day” for the people that can’t pronounce that mouthful) is a born and raised Icelandic actor who is currently based in Berlin. Dagur’s career as an actor started early on performing in various high school productions including portraying Randle McMurphy in "One flew over the cuckoo’s nest”.

Upon graduation, he continued his training with Iceland’s biggest Improv theatre company, Improv Iceland.

Since moving to Berlin he has continued his training and love for acting, enrolling in a bachelors program for screen acting at Catalyst Institute for Creative Arts and Technology. There he’s starred in numerous short films and recently co-wrote,co-directed and starred in a short film with his classmate.

Apart from his acting Dagur has also been working in other artistic mediums since he was a child. A lover of Hiphop culture he began writing lyrics and making beats in his teens and has been active in Iceland’s underground Hiphop scene since 2015.

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